Friday, February 6, 2009

GERD Pillow Wedges – Useful tools to help Acid Reflux Relief in the night

Resume from articles by Chris Wilkins GERD pillow edges are just one of many natural treatments or easy lifestyle changes that can keep GERD away. What Is A GERD Pillow Wedge?In many people with severe GERD, lying down aggravates the problem and makes it easier for acid to escape the stomach and reach the esophagus where a burning sensation can be felt. By using a acid reflux pillow and increasing the angle of incline, acid cannot easily "climb" out of the stomach and into the esophagus and the symptoms are reduced or even eliminated.
Alternatives manage acid reflux relief Some people may find that a wedge strains the neck or produces pain. An alternative is to raise the head of the bed by a few inches by using pieces of wood or some old books under the two relevant corners. Another alternative is to purchase a reclining bed similar in principle to the beds used in hospitals. Drawbacks If you are someone who only gets acid reflux symptoms at night time then the wedge may be all that you need. Unfortunately, most people with severe GERD will experience symptoms throughout the day as well.
Stop Heartburn Tonight With Wedge Pillow! Definitely you won't be able to stop it in a moment but you can reduce it a big time by using wedge pillows (it can be also referred as prop up pillow). Acid reflux wedge pillow is an innovative sleep solution. It was scientifically designed just to help acid reflux sufferers. It relieves acid reflux by elevating your head, shoulders and upper body as doctors recommend. It helps you to sleep in a natural position for controlling heartburn, respiratory problems and digestion ailments. The wedge I am describing here is crafted using two layers of plush foam to help you sleep soundly. The wedge's pillow top quilted cover can be removed for easy cleaning.
The only case when acid can get there is if you have a severe acid reflux which also occurs in standing or sitting position. According to another study acid reflux patients can see up to 67% improvement in the speed of esophagus clearance from acid following a heartburn episode.Just elevate head of your bed. Your partner won't like to sleep in the same position. That is why wedge pillow is the best help for you.It was hard for me to believe that acid reflux wedge pillow would work that well.


  1. Caffeinated drinks and beverages don't work well with acid reflux. Other acid reflux food to avoid includes certain spices, caffeine and citrus fruits as these can cause episodes of acid reflux. Avoid drinks that are known to trigger your illness.

  2. I found the wedge pillow increased back pain and had me sleeping at an odd angle, I would definitely start with raising the head of the bed 7-8" before ever considering a wedge pillow.



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